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Einhell GE-LC 18/25 Li-Solo Power X-Change Cordless Chainsaw - Supplied without Battery and Charger

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  • 40-60 Days
  • Get it to Jordan by 29-November to 19-December.
JOD 208.565

  • The Cordless Chainsaw GE-LC 18/25 Li combines the quality of an Einhell product with the cutting performance of a high-quality OREGON guide bar and chain. The chainsaw is the perfect addition to your selection of PXC tools for an immaculate garden
  • This dependable and handy cordless chainsaw is ideal for pruning or felling small to medium-size trees, making firewood and trimming or cutting up construction timber
  • The handy chainsaw is easy to handle for any hobby gardener. The rugged metal stop claw keeps the saw stable for your safety and in addition the ergonomic handle of the chainsaw offers a firm and comfortable grip
  • The kickback protection with mechanical emergency brake keeps users safe. It is activated immediately if the saw rears up suddenly, so that the chain is stopped instantly. A chain catch bolt catches the chain if the chain jumps off the rail
  • The chain tension can be adjusted without any tools and no tools are needed for changing the chain either. The large oil filler opening in the oil tank of the automatic chain lubrication system makes it easy to top up the oil when required
  • This product comes without a battery and charger, which are available separately. The cordless chainsaw can be operated with any 18 V Power X-Change battery


    Customer Review


    Two things you should know

    There are Two things you should know about this, and I assume other chainsaws,1: You need chainsaw oil to use with it, because it does not include the oil, which is required to use it;2: You MUST put the chain on the correct way round with the pointy teeh facing forward, otherwise it will not cut! You have to assemble the chain cutting blade with the chain yourself, and buy the oil separately.This was my first chainsaw so I had to find out myself as there is no information about these things in all the literature or advertising info.

    by Leo, 27 December 2020


    Well worth the money

    Cut diameter of tree with ease (see photos), I used 2 3Ah batteries and 1 2Ah battery to cut wood shown in photos. I’m well pleased with the performance of this chainsaw, takes a bit more time to cut but does the job.

    by Mr. Michael D. Clarke, 20 March 2020


    Seems to lose its power...

    Worked well at the beginning, got through some 10cm diameter trees quickly (4 trees). Then is seemed to suffer a loss of power and couldn't cur through anything. Cleaned chain but still no effect. Returned in the end ad didn't have the power I needed.

    by samp, 31 August 2021


    User guide in English would be helpful

    Very pleased with the product and luckily I am fluent in French and Spanish as the user guide has both those languages - but NOT ENGLISH.

    by Marcus, 28 February 2021


    Works well

    This is a super product

    by derek w crook, 8 August 2021


    Great item

    Amazingly powerful for a battery item. Great safety features. Practically instant blade brake.

    by James Wren, 5 December 2019


    I like einhell products honest products

    A brilliant product

    by Amazon Customer, 21 June 2020


    The truth before selling

    No battery and charger.

    by Edgardo Navarrete, 29 December 2020

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