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Tadin Damiana Herbal Tea, Caffeine Free, 24 Tea Bags Per box, Pack of 6 Boxes Total

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Jordan by 25-October to 29-October.
JOD 28.348

  • FLAVOR AND AROMA NOTES: Tadin’s Damiana Herbal Tea blossoms with uplifting floral notes, deep woodsy, & hints of sweet hay.
  • EXOTIC TEA: Tradition says Damiana is known to spark passion’s desire. Tadin’s Damiana Herbal Tea is our own version of Cupid’s Arrow, but delivered to you in the form of an herbal tea.
  • WELLNESS STARTS WITHIN: At Tadin we pride ourselves with sourcing the finest herbs and spices from around the globe. Treat yourself to a cup of Tadin tea and Add Flavor to Your Health.
  • SINGLE LEAF TEA: Our Damiana Herbal Tea is caffeine-free and contains only one ingredient, damiana leaf.
  • EASY TO BREW: First, bring water to a boil. Second, pour the hot water over 1-2 tea bags. Third, cover with a lid and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. Fourth, gently squeeze out herbal goodness from your tea bags. Lastly, compost your tea bags and enjoy!

  • Size:24 Count (Pack of 1)

    Enjoy the rich taste of Tadin Damia Tea. Just like the alluring expectation of a new lover’s first kiss, the damia leaf is absolutely mesmerizing. Passiote, giving, enticing, captivatingwhat more can be said about this exotic herb? EXCITEMENT Tadin Damia tea is our very own version of Cupid, son of the goddess of love and desire. Dive into a mugful of damia tea and be prepared to say yes to the magical moments that will follow. Cupid’s mischief will serve you well This tea is turally caffeine-free. Brewing Instructions: Add one tea bag per cup of freshly boiled water. Brew 3 to 5 minutes to release the flavor. Add lemon or honey to your liking. It’s also delicious cold This tea is turally caffeine-free. At Tadin, we test every herb for botanical identity, purity and strength. Our facility adheres to the strict federal guidelines of Good Manufacturing Compliance cGMP. All of our teas are expertly crafted by our highly trained staff of herbal quality assurance experts, and we are proud members of AHPA and the American Botanical Council. Tadin Herb Tea Company: Sip Be Well


    Customer Review


    So much Damiana! I love it!!

    I make a strong brew to get a nice euphoric feeling. I tried smoking it but much prefer a tea as it's quite finely ground in the tea bags and it's hard to get a proper pull. Gives you a lovely mindset and is an awesome evening or morning tea for just a positive outlook on the day.. and for this price you get 6 boxes of this tea!! I'm gonna be stocked for awhile which is great!

    by Bryan Anderson, September 20, 2018


    Great value

    For the comments that say it only helped as a sleep aid, then great it did its job. It’s supposed to help with calming. So yes it can calm you to where you want to sleep. In addition, similar to when you are relaxed naturally, it may also give aphrodisiac effects. But the bottom line is that everyone is different, will brew the tea differently, and thus will perceive the effects differently. I let about 5 or 6 bags steep in my tea pot of hot water. Also, I too was originally like wow this is pricey for a box of tea, but it’s actually a total of 144 tea bags. One box has 24 bags in it and you receive 6 boxes. So not bad at all really.

    by ALM, September 24, 2020


    Good product and good value!

    I use this product as a female aphrodisiac and it works well!

    by Mary E Jones, January 17, 2020


    Definitely need two tea bags!

    I didnt notice anything with one tea bag, but two?..... holy moly! Love this stuff!

    by Betsy, August 2, 2020


    Opposite effects here!!

    First time trying Damiana. I've tried a couple of different tea strengths (one bag, two bags, multiple cups, etc) over the past several days and can say that I am definitely awake with a ton of energy. I have not slept properly for the past 3 days and I have an almost low level anxiety going on. But I was definitely looking for something more calming/relaxing....not this!! So this stuff certainly had some effect on me, just not the one that I was looking for. The flavor is okay; kind of minty/herbaceous. Almost like...a grassier rosemary. Anyway, I'll pass on future orders. I guess I have tons of tea for times that I may need a bit of a pick-me-up!Oh yeah, this also had opposite effects for me in the bedroom. I've been unable to complete the mission...and this has never been a problem for me. I'm looking forward to flushing this stuff from my system!!

    by Crystal, October 3, 2020



    The packaging is good. The taste is not bad. But it doesn't do any good for me, and it gives me a headache. It seems to harm my liver too. I did not finish the first box and had to stop. This would be the equivalent of failing a phase I of a clinical trial on me. I guess everybody reacts differently to herbs, and this is just my experience.

    by Robert X., August 2, 2020


    Good stuff

    My daughter loves this tea. Works great for her cramps. My son drinks it for his back pain. I drink it for my ‘woo-sa’ Moments. Nice taste.

    by ladyshaggy, January 18, 2019


    Tadin Herbs & Tea Co. Damiana Herbal Tea, Caffeine Free 24 Tea Bags, 6 Pack

    The overall flavor is mellow, not strong and overwhelming as with a lot of herbal teas. Besides the price, the only other con is that the tea is very weak. You must leave them steeping for 10-15 minute to get anything worthwhile from them. I did notice after a while that I was a little more relaxed after drinking it. It's best to have before bedtime. I might buy this item again depending on the price change or just get a different brand.

    by Surprised, May 31, 2019

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