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eX-Mars is the world's only patented A.I. robot cube with 20 million views, self-scrambling, self-timing, teaching beginners, playing music, offering many other incredible features.

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    • 4.3 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Jordan by 25-October to 29-October.
JOD 114.904

  • The only robot cube in the world that no one can imitate.
  • A special gift for you, the only one in the world.
  • An all-in-one cube with all the capabilities to LEARN, PLAY, ENJOY and CHALLENGE a variety of puzzle.
  • LEARN how to solve: A.I. robot cube demonstrates how to solve and correct your wrong moves.
  • PLAY solving with a help from A.I. robot: robot scrambles the cube, measures your solving time.and displays it
  • ENJOY various games and coding: dice game, music, mathematics and solve puzzles with our mobile application.
  • CHALLENGE new types of puzzles: eX-Mars has various new types of puzzles including blind game, half-blind game, time penalty game, 2x2, 3x3, cross game, and many more!
  • We don't recommend it if you want to be familiar and normal. The name of the ex-mars cube means a cube from Mars. It is very different in shape and is more advanced in function than the puzzle cube on Earth

  • Technical Specifications

    1. How does the eX-Mars work:?

    eX-Mars includes six robot wheels, pattern display system, pattern sensing system, and intelligent brain system. The brain system monitors the patterns and decides how to behave and display the pattern with the display system.

    2. Is this cube for Beginners?

    The ex-Mars cube is for beginners, easy to learn through the demo function, and the correction function. In addition, a scramble for beginners is provided, so completing the solution can be done with ease.

    3. Is this cube for Speedcubers?

    The eX-Mars cube is perfect for speedcubers! The robot cube mixes the scramble in a matter of seconds. In addition, the solving record is automatically measured and recorded.

    4. What differentiates eX-Mars cube from other interactive smart cubes on the market?

    The eX-Mars cube is a standalone robot cube that does not require apps. Smart Cubes, on the other hand, are just cubes that depend on apps. The eX-Mars cube helps users in difficult situations by self-moving.

    5. Is M-Slice possible? ( Does Middle slice of the cube rotate? )

    It is possible. There's a video with instructions on how to do the maneuver. Please refer to our YouTube channel for related videos.


    Customer Review


    A great cube, fun and the auto scramble feature is great.

    It’s a fun cube, it’s super easy to pick up and play, and having it scramble itself is great, you can always have a fresh scramble at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. This is also a piece that turns heads , anyone who sees it is instantly curious about what the glowy cube thing is. The motorized auto scramble is super fun too.

    by Luis Cortes, September 24, 2020


    The smartest training cube

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The best cube, period. The different functions allow training to solve the cube in multiple methods and ways that cubers follow. Another nice feature is when the cube teaches you solving by nudging you in the correct direction, a slight move in the cube faces that tell you what to do next, this decelops muscle memory rapidly.The randomise then solve is very entertaining, seeing the cube move its sides and twist and turn is fun.There is also a jingle bell mode, which is loads of fun.

    by Kindle Customer, March 13, 2021


    100% as described

    The cube is fantastic! Actually this was a purchase for my son who has seen the review of it online and wanted it immediately. My condition was: "Learn to solve the normal Rubik's cube and I'll buy you this one so you could improve your skill". He's learned in one day so much he wanted it (though he owns like a dozen of different kinds of cubes, he's never had the motivation to learn to solve them). This cube is not really a great tool to learn to solve the puzzle from scratch in and of itself, but excellent for improving the skill. Several training modes will help you learn to see the cube differently and solve it faster. Also the fact that it automatically measures the assembly time and shows it upon solving directly on the cube sides is a great tool to see your progress. Haven't yet tried the smartphone sync function so can't say anything about it, but even without the smartphone the cube is awesome. I've even learned to solve it myself, so much fun it is.I have just a couple remarks about our local FedEx representative: they were not really proactive and helpful and I had to deal with local customs office all by myself as they simply never picked up any of the phones from the website (I actually had to hire a third party agent to solve all the formalities) but I guess it's just our local office that sucks. Otherwise a fast and honest delivery, well-packed. If you're fond of Rubik's puzzles and are looking for a cool new one I definitely recommend.

    by Vadim Zubovich, July 30, 2021


    Great gift

    My 9 year old grandson has already mastered it, but he still loves it. Sounds are awesome!

    by Angelica M., August 9, 2021



    Es difícil de manejar y entender, NO APTO PARA PRINCIPIANTES

    by Victor cabrera, February 8, 2021


    amazingly fun product

    amazinly fun to use and for this time of year with the christmas settingmade my solving alot quicker and alot easierthe snapping of the mechanision is so perfect

    by Amazon Customer, November 16, 2020


    Love it!

    The quality is amazing. Playing really takes some getting use to. Love it!

    by Todd C., September 10, 2020


    Works great

    It’s great for beginners I definitely recommend this product

    by Christopher Brucks, January 29, 2021

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